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SCIENCE: Ecosystems Ch. 7  Presentation
MATH: Place Value  Presentation
SOCIAL STUDIES: Native Americans (begins 8/24/11)  Presentation
SOCIAL STUDIES: Explorers  Presentation
SCIENCE: Animal Adaptations  Presentation
SCIENCE: Weather & Water Cycle  Presentation
LANGUAGE ARTS:Grammar  Presentation
SCIENCE: Our Galaxy-Solar System  Presentation
SCIENCE: Phases of the Moon  Presentation
SCIENCE: Stars Picture Dictionary  Presentation
SCIENCE: Forces & Motion  Presentation
SCIENCE: Simple Machines (beginning Oct. 31)  Presentation
Simile & Metaphor  Presentation
Fig Lang & Poetry Terms  Presentation
READING: Lou Gehrig-The Luckiest Man  Presentation
READING: Lou Gehrig Vocabulary  Presentation
Reading: Cricke in Times Square  Presentation
READING: George W.S. Ch. 1-5 Vocab  Presentation
READING: George W.S. Ch. 6-10 Vocab.  Presentation
LANGUAGE: Adjectives  Presentation
GWS: Chapters 11-14  Presentation
SCIENCE: Sound and Light  Presentation
Prepositions  Presentation
Multiple Meanings  Presentation
George Washington`s Socks Ch.15-17  Presentation
George Washington`s Socks Ch. 18-23  Presentation
Text Structure (Sequencing, Compare/Contrast, etc)  Presentation
Cause & Effect  Presentation
Poetry & Poetry Elements  Presentation
Homophone Review Game  Presentation
Poetry, Prose, and Drama  Presentation
SOCIAL STUDIES: American Revolution Vocab.  Presentation
SCIENCE: Adaptations  Presentation
Shiloh: Vocab Ch. 1-3  Presentation
SCIENCE: Water Cycle   Presentation
SCIENCE: Weather Instruments  Presentation
Shiloh Vocab Ch 8-11  Presentation
Shiloh Ch. 12-15  Presentation
SCIENCE: Weather Tools  Presentation
Explorers Ch.3 Vocabulary  Presentation
Explorers Ch.3 Vocabulary  Presentation
The Baker`s Neighbor  Presentation
The Gardener- Reading  Presentation
Shiloh Ch. 4-7  Presentation
Greek & Latin Affixes  Presentation
SOCIAL STUDIES: Causes of the American Revolution  Presentation
READING: Saguaro Cactus  Presentation
American Revolution-Famous People (revised)  Presentation
SOCIAL STUDIES: Ch. 8 American Revolution  Presentation
Pronouns  Presentation
Pronouns and Antecedents  Presentation
MATH: Metric Conversion-King Henry  Presentation
Night of the Pufflings   Presentation
How to Babysit an Orangutan  Presentation
SOCIAL STUDIES: Colonies Vocabulary  Presentation
SCIENCE: Adaptations Ch. 8 Vocabulary  Presentation
SCIENCE: Ch 8 Camo & Mimicry  Presentation